Shelter Consultations

Consultations are a collaborative process that may focus on a particular topic or cover all areas of shelter operations and impact in the community.

Consultations may be done remotely, as on-site visits, or as a combination of time spent both remotely and on-site. Consults vary in scope but in general may involve:

  • Preparatory work where we collect and evaluate data and management structure of your organization so we can gain a thorough understanding of the plans, strengths, and concerns you’ve identified.
  • Collaborative development of recommendations and action plans to support strengths and address concerns.
  • On-site visits or remote meetings that may range from a few hours to a few days with either a single consultant or a consultation team making observations and developing possible solutions depending on the needs of your organization. Our visits also involve meeting with shelter staff and stakeholders to get input in developing a practical plan for implementation of recommendations.
  • Follow-up work to help implement recommendations. Reports provided to your organization range from bulleted lists to detailed guides including attachments and links to reference materials.

Email for further details.