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Sample Cat Intake Diversion Flowchart


Document Type: Tools/Forms
Topics: Shelter Population Management and Community Cat Resources
Species: Feline

To provide the best care and most live outcomes, shelters must offer alternatives to intake. Download a flowchart that can help your shelter find the best pathway for a cat that a member of the public wants to surrender.

Shelters are faced with an influx of animals daily and at times, on a constant basis.  The public has come to understand that bringing a cat to the shelter, whether stray or a pet they can no longer keep, is the right thing to do for the cat.  However, we now understand that shelter admission may not serve every cat well in every situation especially when a shelter is limited in their capacity to provide humane care or assure live outcomes once a cat is admitted.  Providing alternatives to intake can thus be a great option!!  Having a flow chart to talk with members of the public who have found a cat is an extremely helpful tool to provide education and assistance while also providing the best service for the cat.  Here is a wonderful example created by a shelter that has been successful in helping people help cats and in turn created a better environment for cats within their shelter!

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