Increasing the life-saving capacity of animal shelters and communities through education, shelter outreach, and development of new knowledge

2018 Expo


Document Type: Lectures/Podcasts/Webinars
Topics: Shelter Design and Housing, Shelter Population Management, Infectious Disease, Behavior and Enrichment, and Community Cat Resources
Species: Canine and Feline

View and download the presentation slides for lectures given by the UW/UCD Maddie's Fund fellows and the University of Wisconsin Shelter Medicine team at the 2018 Animal Care Expo.

Dr. Allison Clarke and Dr. Alex Ellis

Capacity for Care: Yes We Can! Part 1

Dr. Anthea Smith and Dr. Elizabeth Roberts

Capacity for Care: Yes We Can! Part 2

Dr. Deb Yanessa and Dr. Aleisha Swartz

Why Outbreaks Happen: Shelter Medicine Fundamentals to Prevent Disease

Dr. Olivia Swailes, Dr. Rebecca Stuntebeck, Dr. Erica Schumacher, and Sarah Byerley

Dog Relocation: The Express Train

Dr. Karen Hill-Sheppard and Dr. Meg Gordon

Finding an Umbrella When it is Raining Cats and Dogs

Dr. Gail Schroder, Dr. Melissa Resnick, Dr. Brenda Dines

Road Construction: Building and Evaluating Pathways to Save Lives