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2018-2019 Northern Tier Shelter Fellowship Presentations

Document Type: Lectures/Podcasts/Webinars
Topics: Shelter Design and Housing, Shelter Population Management, Infectious Disease, Behavior and Enrichment, and Community Cat Resources
Species: Canine and Feline

View the culmination of the year-long fellowship projects by our 2018-2019 Northern Tier Shelter Fellows! Click on the talk title to view their recorded presentations or view the pdf from the Downloadable Files section at the bottom of the page.

PetWorks Pet Care Clinics: Community Outreach, Yes You Can! Marta Pierpoint, Humane Society of Western Montana

Implementing Pre-Selection in a Managed Admission Shelter Juli Ross and Lisa Drake, Seattle Humane

Implementing Managed Admissions in a Municipal Shelter Tim Anderson and Marcy Goldstone, Regional Animal Services of King County

Initiating Managed Intake (and so much more!) Steve Leach and Alicia Davis, Stafford Animal Shelter

Shelter Management – How to Keep Your Head When Those Around You are Losing Theirs Cliff Bennett, Flathead County Animal Shelter

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