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Should my shelter be vaccinating dogs for Canine Influenza (CIV)?

Dr. Dines discusses the considerations for use of influenza vaccination in a shelter setting

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When using accelerated hydrogen peroxide (Rescue) for sanitation does it need to be rinsed?

Many shelters are now using accelerated hydrogen peroxide (Rescue) for sanitation for several reasons, including its ability to function as both detergent and disinfectant, its broad spectrum of activity and more. Another benefit is the fact that it does not require rinsing. Dr. Karsten discusses why it is actually preferable NOT to rinse when using accelerated hydrogen peroxide.

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2018 Expo

View and download the presentation slides for lectures given by the UW/UCD Maddie's Fund fellows and the University of Wisconsin Shelter Medicine team at the 2018 Animal Care Expo.

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