The University of Wisconsin-Madison Shelter Medicine Program is committed to saving animal lives while improving animal health and well-being in shelters.

We accomplish this goal through three main objectives:

Shelter Outreach and Support

To support animal health and welfare while increasing the life-saving capacity of shelters, rescues, and communities while building core knowledge and developing new perspectives.


To provide training for shelters, community members and the next generation of veterinarians 

Development of Knowledge in the Field

To help to advance the field of Shelter Medicine through shelter studies and involvement in national and regional collaborative projects.

One of the longest and deepest traditions surrounding the University of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Idea signifies a general principle: that education should influence people’s lives beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Synonymous with Wisconsin for more than a century, this “Idea” has become the guiding philosophy of the university outreach efforts in Wisconsin and throughout the world. 

The Shelter Medicine Program takes the idea one step further, to not only influence people’s lives, but also animal’s lives in the communities where we work.

Grants, gifts and pledges by our generous supporters make our life-saving work possible. 

Meet our team!